We all have one or two terrible exes in our back catalog, right? That one boy or girl you just wish you’d never laid eyes on and know you’d have been better off if you just kept well away from them.

Well however bad your ex might have been, as usual, the internet can provide worse. We’ve put together 50 of the worst-ever girlfriends that have been called out online.

Insult Battle

Some people have a real way with words, and some people simply don’t. When you’re trying to flirt with someone, especially over text, it often ends up that you’ll give a compliment but it sounds more backhanded than you meant it to.

But these two are like whatever the exact opposite of what a match made in heaven would be. They’re insulting each other left, right, and center! Just as bad as each other.

Mind Reader

Another day, another irrational girlfriend who is upset with her boyfriend for… doing exactly what she asked. Why don’t these women realize that they have loving boyfriends who are listening to their wishes and trying their best to grant them?

If you hold someone to a standard or expectation that you don’t even let them know about, then you are bound to be disappointed again and again. Communication is key, people.

Rollercoaster of Pain

Well, this one certainly took us on a journey of emotions. We’ll admit that we found this man’s initial rejection message a little over the top, as it does somewhat assume the girl is more invested than he is. But on the other hand, as the girl’s response gets worse and worse, his respectful handling of it brings us up in his estimation.

And by the end, she’s clearly lost all sympathy we had for her. Wow indeed.

Play it Cool

You know how it is after a successful or exciting first date. Your mind starts brimming with the possibilities that you might have found the one—this is it, you tell yourself. We’re going to get married and have babies!

But the point is that sometimes, this excitement can let your imagination get the better of you. When that happens, keep it inside!! Don’t show the craziness to your potential new lover, like this woman did.

Modesty Matters

Ah yes, the “girlboss” movement. There is nothing like adding “girl” to the beginning of a totally normal word to make the point that girls can do anything, as if that was even a question. You’ll be happy to know that a girlboss is, in fact, just a boss.

Anyway, we have to say that even if we were on a date with a Nobel Prize-winning chiselled underwear model, it’s never ok to say things like this to anyone.

Interesting Logic

We have heard and seen a lot of evidence showing the male of the species isn’t always the most faithful or reliable. Let’s be honest, we all know someone who’s been cheated on by their boyfriend.

But with so many actual real-life examples of men cheating, why has this woman resorted to strange and obscure word games to prove her point? It’s just so bizarre and unnecessary.

Multiple Choice

Here we have a bizarre example of a woman glorifying the idea of multiple personality disorder in improving her relationship with her boyfriend.

It’s true that their days might be full of quite a lot of variety, but let’s be honest—mental health or personality disorders aren’t really anything to joke about. It’s a serious issue that should be treated with respect.

Say No to No

A classic example of how sometimes women operate on a spiritual level whereas men are existing on a more earthly level. Take this woman, who clearly knows what she wants and feels she has communicated it to this man through psychic powers.

The man, existing only in this stratosphere, has made the terrible error of listening to her answer and taking it at face value. If only he knew!

The High Road

Isn’t it wonderful when two adults can meet, learn a little about each other, discover they’re not a perfect match, and part with mutual respect and gratitude for the time they spent together?

Yes it is, and it’s probably made all the sweeter when compared to people like this, who simply can’t take a straightforward “no”, and instead turn instantly into a cruel monster. What a relief to have avoided this.

No Excuses

This one gave us a bit of a fright because the crazy comments and argument almost convinced us. For a second there we were like, oh no, poor girl. It’s true that being cheated on repeatedly and treated badly can leave you with trust issues, and all you want is to feel secure, right?

Well yes. But does that make it ok to take someone’s password and go through their personal data on their phone? Absolutely not.

List of Pain

To be honest, the fact that this list is so long and exhaustive isn’t even the worst thing about it. In fact, you had us convinced to bin this person off from the very first entry.

Ruling someone out because they have dietary restrictions? Is someone a “red flag” because they have an intolerance, or a religious need? If that’s a red flag for you, then you’re a red flag for pretty much the whole world. Goodbye.

No Means No

Most of the time, it’s the man who won’t take no for an answer. Unfortunately, society teaches many of us that the woman needs to say “no” several times before agreeing to date a man, and so the man is supposed to insist repeatedly.

Of course, this leads to dangerous or non-consensual situations, which this woman is basically forcing on this poor guy. And he’s trying so hard to be kind about it!

Not a Rom-Com Romance

Healthy communication is super important in any relationship. If you’re not feeling the vibe of your date, it’s always better to say something early on so things don’t get awkward later.

Is she really surprised and disappointed that he rejected her after she literally showed no interest in him whatsoever on their date? It sounds like these two are better off without each other.

Not A Leg to Stand On

Goodness me. Can you imagine being so set on a date, that you wouldn’t accept a guy actually falling off a gutter and breaking his leg, as an excuse?

What a strange reaction to hearing that someone you claim to care about, is hurt or injured in some way. Good thing she revealed her true colors now, so he knows never to go anywhere near her ever again.

Face Off

We don’t even understand what this one really means. Is this woman saying that sometimes she likes the smell of a man, but when she turns to look at him, doesn’t like the look of his face?

Holy moly. We cannot imagine a person who genuinely feels it is ok to not only tell someone that their face is not nice, but also that they should change it—or their choice of cologne—to fit her expectations. Goodbye forever.

Arguing for Fun

A good, healthy relationship is hard to come by. If you’re someone who’s used to constant fighting and arguing with a partner, having a boyfriend who treats you well might be an unusual change.

This girl clearly just felt like she needed to start some drama out of boredom, and her boyfriend was happy to play along—almost a little too happy.

I’m Seeing Someone

When it comes to boyfriends, it’s normal to have certain preferences for the things they wear and the way they look. However, we’d hope everyone would agree that they know no one can control what a person can and cannot wear.

This girl clearly has some issues if her biggest requirement of her partner is that he can’t see what’s in front of him just for the sake of fashion.

A Polite Player

It’s always fun to be excited to be dating someone. Still, no matter how polite and kind someone seems to be, their true selves always have a way of being uncovered at one point or another.

You really can’t trust anyone these days. Even when you’ve planned your entire night around a date, you can’t guarantee your date won’t bail on it last minute—with a completely rude and unnecessary response to go along with it.

Ticket for One

When your friends are too busy to see a movie with you or no one has any interest in seeing the same genres as you, we’re big fans of taking yourself out on a date to see a movie solo.

We’re not sure who decided that going to see a movie was more for one gender than another. Regardless, this person just seems like a hater who never worked up enough courage to see a movie alone.

Double Whammy

Oh dear oh dear. We honestly don’t know which of the two parts of this post is more worrying or off putting.

Is it the fact that this girl thinks that mental health issues are something to joke or boast about? Or is it that she thinks the word for “psychopath” is “cycle path”? Honestly, we are just too disturbed by either.

Breakfast in Bed

When nutritionists told citizens everywhere that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, we’re pretty sure they didn’t share this message only for females.

If your girl doesn’t want you to eat breakfast, she isn’t rooting for your health and success. It’s time to find a girl who wants you to eat all three of your meals, and will eat along with you.

I Forfeit

When you’re not sure about the person you’re dating, it’s perfectly normal to play the field a little bit. That way, you keep your options open, just in case.

When this person decided to take things to the next level with one person they were dating, they made sure to maturely and respectfully tell another, which was very much appreciated. Hey, if they need to tell themselves this was technically a forfeit, then so be it—though maybe they should’ve kept that to themselves.

Sweet Tooth

No meal is truly complete without a sweet treat to finish it off. Didn’t you know that every human has a little pocket in their stomach specifically to save room for dessert, no matter how full they are?

The best part about dessert is that anyone can order it to share with the folks at the table. If your dude isn’t ordering dessert, well then that’s when you have to be worried.

Say What You Mean

We all get in a bad mood once in a while, and when we do, we often don’t think straight and end up not saying what we really mean. That’s fair—it’s not ideal, but it happens to everyone.

But this girl is taking it way too far when she actually places the blame on the other person—for actually just believing what she said at face value. We don’t think he is the useless one, hun.

Ugly Truth

This one is just so hilarious in its awfulness. Can you imagine who could possibly ever ask this question? Does she actually think that she is too beautiful to be nice to people less attractive than her? Do only beautiful people merit kindness and good manners?

If so, we advise this woman to take a good long look in the mirror. Perhaps her face is beautiful, but her heart and soul need some work.

Bitter Sister

They say that opposites attract, and also that there’s someone out there for everyone. In case you were feeling like you’ve lost hope, this bitter post is here to provide some kind of twisted reassurance.

Why can’t this person just be happy for their sister who’s clearly found a loving partner that is accepting of all her quirks? We’re starting to see why the original poster thinks they’ll be alone forever. It doesn’t cost anything to be happy for other people.

Cat Baby

Not everyone shares the same opinion on animals and which one is their favorite. Some people love dogs, and some people prefer cats—while others just don’t really like animals at all.

And that’s fine, you don’t have to like anything you don’t want to—but you can’t start telling other people to get rid of their own pets. What on earth is this woman thinking?

Call Me Maybe

It’s always hard to know what to do or say immediately following a bad first date. You’re not sure if the other person also thinks it was bad, or if maybe they enjoyed it and you have to break it to them gently.

Of course, you could always avoid this awkwardness by ploughing straight in to say that it was the worst date of your life and you wish them a violent death. Yes, that’s certainly always an option.

Not Convinced

This is one that isn’t really so offensive on its own, but when you know the context you realize how messed up it is.

Because this was shared by someone who knows this woman—and while she is here waxing lyrical about how loyal and ride-or-die she is, the poster revealed that she in fact cheated on his friend and broke his heart. We think she doth protest too much!

Request Denied

We have truly so many questions to ask this woman. Firstly, why does she care so much about someone accepting her friend request? Secondly, how can she see that her friend request isn’t there anymore? Is she actually logged in to his Facebook account?

Then we have questions like, why would you go to his WORK? Just leave him alone! And then why did you post about all this on Facebook for everyone else to see? We are speechless.

Red Flags

We hear a lot these days about “red flags” in dating. And it’s true, sometimes people’s behavior and conduct early on in a relationship can be a huge sign of how they’ll be later on.

But a lot of the time, people read into every single action of their potential date and decide that almost everything is a red flag. Like in the case of this girl, sometimes a “red flag” is just “something I don’t like”.

Interesting Take

It’s quite odd that this woman would go in with the argument that no one is more loyal than her, when it quickly transpires that she is, in fact, distinctly not loyal in any way, seeing as she cheated on her ex and that is why they split up.

Of course, in classy breakup style, she then goes on to insult her former lover and his appearance. Ah, the high road.

Don’t @ Me

Goodness me. We have to wonder why this woman even bothered creating a dating profile in the first place. It seems to us that she is clearly not in the mood for meeting even one single person, let alone giving them a chance to get to know them and building a relationship.

Why on earth would you simply just write a list of all the things about you that are unpleasant? Hard pass, thanks.

Verified Venom

We can’t help but feel a bit sad for this girl. The fact that she can’t accept a simple, straightforward, and respectful “no” from someone she’s been on a date with, shows she is probably not in the happiest place in her life.

Not only that, but she is quick to tell this gentleman how many other men are interested in her. Honey, if you really had confidence, you wouldn’t feel the need to rub it in anyone’s face.

Secret Admirer

When you receive a message from someone you don’t know, it can always be a bit exciting. Is it a secret admirer? Is it your prince charming? Or princess, if you are so inclined?

Well this poor guy certainly wasn’t charmed by his surprise suitor, who first revealed that she had actually essentially STOLEN his phone number without consent, and then, when he turned her down for a date, she turned nasty and started insulting him! What a winner.

Character Building

A lot going on in this relationship. We are not sure, but this girlfriend appears to be angry when her other half doesn’t try to stop her from doing straightforward things they appear to have both agreed on.

But of course, the winner of all the worrisome things about this post is, she seems to think it’s grounds for a terrible murder and framing someone for killing you? Interesting turn.

Basically Abuse

Another example of people going way too far in what they think they deserve from a relationship, and criticizing the other person for not giving it to them.

If you want a boyfriend who doesn’t play video games, you know what you can do? Get a new boyfriend. Don’t accuse your current boyfriend of abuse and destroy his personal belongings.

Crossed Wires

This one did make us laugh a little bit, even though it’s also pretty sad. We all know that feeling of excitement when you get a text from your crush or that guy you just can’t stop thinking about.

It’s the best right? Mostly it is. It just gets a bit complicated and kind of sucks, when you realize that this guy is actually someone different from your actual boyfriend.

Double Standards

Let’s be honest, we all share the odd selfie from time to time. And yes, usually we do it to get likes and have people tell us we look nice. We’re only human!

But while this woman is shaming men out there for posting selfies, the truth is she does the same thing herself on an almost daily basis. Is it ok for girls then, just not guys? The hypocrisy, we cannot!

Body Shaming

Women go through a lot when it comes to online trolling and hateful comments, so it’s super disappointing to see this girl doing the same hateful stuff on this guy’s YouTube page.

After sharing his story of facing obesity and trimming down to a healthy weight, this girl comes in to shame his new, healthier body, and also claims that his future girlfriend won’t be attracted to him. Next time, how about you just don’t comment?

Sky-High Standards

The world of dating apps is truly a brutal place. People playing games, ghosting and gaslighting, no wonder people struggle to find true love.

It’s never been a bad thing to have high standards, and this woman certainly knows exactly what she wants. She simply doesn’t have the time for anything less! Don’t hate us for saying we can kind of see why she’s single, though.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

What on earth is this woman thinking! First of all, this is an exchange between two exes, one of whom broke the other’s heart by cheating. And the cheater gets back in touch to check in with them—perhaps she still cares about his happiness, especially after all the suffering she’s put him through.

But no! She seems to want him to be sad and miserable, seeing as she’s so angry and bitter to hear he’s doing well.

Hit and Miss

There is a special type of girl in this world who simply seems to assume that literally everyone around her is obsessed with her or even in love. And let’s face it, a lot of the time these girls are right—some people are just magnetic.

But then some of the time, the supermarket stranger isn’t actually in love with you—they just want to get their job done. How embarrassing.

I Feel Used

We all know that men are renowned for often sending unsolicited pictures of a lewd or adult nature to the poor unsuspecting women they match with on dating sites.

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